It’s 2022, and magic mushrooms have been decriminalized in the District of Columbia for nearly a year! This means that you can buy exceptional psychedelics from quality establishments instead of having to buy from a dealer and risk being sold a poor-quality product.

While Initiative 81 may have decriminalized shrooms, you may still be wondering how to buy magic mushrooms in D.C. safely. Since some of the details are still unclear, we’ll explain everything you need to know about purchasing magic mushrooms and the simple steps you can take to buy shrooms safely in DC in 2022.

Step One: Know the Law

Before buying shrooms in D.C., there are a few things that you should know. There are still some rules and regulations regarding magic mushrooms that you’ll want to be mindful of to ensure that you’re still in compliance with the law to ensure that you buy magic mushrooms in DC Safely.

Understanding D.C.’s Initiative 81

Initiative 81 decriminalized the non-commercial possession, cultivation, and use of entheogenic substances in D.C. This proposal was structured similarly to the existing regulations in Denver, Colorado, that have proven to be successful since they were enacted in 2019.

While decriminalization does not make them legal, it does make shrooms one of the lowest priorities for law enforcement. This means that you can possess and grow magic mushrooms, and it’s very unlikely that you’ll be arrested or charged; however, it’s still illegal for you to buy or sell them. 

So how are you supposed to get them?

Step Two: Understand the Shroom Gifting Loophole

The decriminalization of shrooms felt like a substantial victory for the psilocybin community until it was discovered that you still couldn’t legally buy or sell them. This left many people wondering how they could buy shrooms in D.C. legally since the only alternatives were continuing to buy from dealers illegally or grow your own shrooms at home.

For many, growing your own shrooms simply isn’t an option, as magic mushroom cultivation requires time, expertise, and patience. While it can be more cost-effective and rewarding, there is definitely a lack of convenience and a challenging barrier of entry for beginners as well. Growing shrooms is definitely a labor of love, even for the most passionate shroom lovers. So, where does this leave people who just want to buy them legally?

This is where the gifting loophole comes in. Since mushrooms can be “gifted,” this has become the easiest and most convenient way to buy them in D.C. without breaking the law. You can “buy” fresh, dried, or powdered mushrooms from a local head shop or online website as long as the interaction is a “gift” or “donation” and is not transaction-based.

But what does “gifting” actually mean? Surely shops aren’t just giving magic mushrooms away? Well, according to Initiative 81, magic mushrooms are considered legal as long as they’re given freely and without compensation. We understand how confusing this sounds, so we’ll break it down in the following steps.

Step Three: How to Order Shrooms in D.C. in Person

When you buy shrooms, they come in three forms; fresh, dried, and powdered. You can buy these from physical head shops located throughout the District of Columbia; however, it’s important that you know how to buy shrooms safely in accordance with Initiative 81.

This means that the transaction is not a sale or purchase but rather a gift or donation for which you are gifted magic mushrooms that can be used for non-commercial purposes only. This type of exchange is perfectly legal under D.C.’s shroom laws and regulations so long as it’s not considered a commercial transaction.

It’s important to note that head shops will not have any signage indicating that they have psilocybin in store. Instead, you’ll need to use a website like ShroomSurfer to find the closest shop near you that carries magic mushrooms so that you can buy magic mushrooms safely in DC.

buy shrooms safely in dc
DOs and DON’Ts when purchasing shrooms in-store in DC

Once you find a headshop, ordering should look something like this:

Important Note: 

Any of these mistakes could, unfortunately, get you kicked out of the store. 

(Optional) Step Four: How to Buy Shrooms Online in D.C.

Buying shrooms online in D.C. is a relatively simple process that can be done from the comfort of your own home. Just visit a reputable website like Shroom Surfer to easily locate the shops and delivery services that sell I-81 compliant shrooms.

What does the shroom “gifting” process look like online?

When ordering shrooms online, there is no in-store conversation that occurs to ensure that everyone is compliant with the gifting laws. Instead, these online shops operate on a “donation basis” where your order is considered a donation at checkout, and you receive your magic mushrooms as a gift.

Checkout should look something like this:

After you place your donation order, your shrooms are shipped to the address of your choosing and will arrive in discreet packaging with no indication as to what is inside. Your package could show up a few days later, or it might take weeks, depending on the website’s shipping policy and how far away you are from the distribution center.

Buy Shrooms Safely in DC

Finding a place to buy shrooms in D.C. can be challenging. Since your local head shops won’t have any clear signage indicating that they carry magic mushrooms, it can be really difficult to find out which stores are part of the shroom gifting community.

The best way to buy shrooms in D.C. is by using a website like ShroomSurfer that will show you all of the local head shops near you that sell I-81 compliant shrooms. Each of the stores in their directory are trusted and have been vetted by the community, so you won’t be wasting any time visiting different shops in search of shrooms.

If you’d prefer to order your magic mushrooms online in D.C., you can do so using our Shroom Surfer shop. All of our shrooms are I-81 compliant and will be shipped to the address of your choosing in discreet packaging.

Go Buy Your Shrooms in D.C. and Enjoy!

So, there you have it! Everything you need to know to buy magic mushrooms in D.C. safely and legally in 2022. All you need to do is decide whether or not you want to buy these I-81 compliant magic mushrooms locally or online. Either way, be sure to take some time and research the different types of shrooms before making a purchase so you can buy the perfect shrooms for your next trip! Just be sure to follow the guidelines outlined in this article, and you’ll be enjoying your psychedelic experience in no time.

If this is your first time trying mushrooms, or you’re interested in trying a new strain, consider reading our guides for more information. We offer guides on various mushroom strains that give you some great insight on what kind of high you can expect. We’ve also put together some helpful resources you can refer to in order to have the best possible trip. Feel free to check them out, and happy shrooming!