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Most frequent questions and answers

Why was this site created?

Shroom Surfer DC was created to help bring awareness to the benefits of psilocybin, and provide you with a “one-stop-shop” online resource to educate and answer any magic mushroom related questions. We’ve compiled a list to guide you step by step to finding the best shrooms in DC. All of our reviews are independent and non-biased!

How do I use this site?

Logon to Shroom Surfer DC and begin by learning about everything Psilocybin related in our “Ultimate Shrooms Guide“. If you would like information on strain effects , proper dosing, and trip duration, then head over to the “Learn Shrooms Guide”. We pride ourselves on keeping our content up to date. Ready to buy? Click our “Buy Shrooms in DC”  link for the best DC deliveries services, and storefronts.

What is gifting?

To fully understand the legality of Magic mushrooms, first you must understand the gifting culture in DC. Selling shrooms is illegal but you may be gifted a personal amount of Magic Mushrooms for free in accordance to I-71 guidance. This loop hole has now allowed for a safe pathway to mushroom usage in the district.

What is Initiative 81?

Initiative81 is a law that was approved with overwhelming support which provides a pathway for natural plant medicines to be of the lowest enforcement priorities of Metropolitan Police. This Initiative became law on March 16th, 2021. Does this mean that Magic Mushrooms are legal to sell? Well technically it is illegal to sell mushrooms but businesses in the District are allowed to gift you the Magic mushrooms for free along with a purchase of stickers, keychains, or art work. For more information on In Initiative81 please refer to the following link.

I'm from another state. Can I get shrooms in DC?

No Problem, be sure to visit our Buy Shrooms in DC post for updated content for the best Magic Mushrooms in DC. You MUST be 21+ to purchase at the deliveries services and Store fronts so be sure to bring it if you want to enter.

Can I purchase in store?

Beware that there are lot of fake products floating around the DC so be sure to go to one of our Featured Vendors to ensure that you align to the best Psilocybin that is around. Explore our site for lists of the best deliveries and storefronts. Unsure of where to start or which strain to choose? Head over to our “Learn Shrooms” resource for in depth information on psilocybin dosage, activation time, strain origin, and everything else magic mushroom related. See something you like? Click the “Buy Shrooms in DC” link to get your shrooms!

How do I get shrooms delivered?

Simply, click on our “Buy Shrooms in DC” post and search for the best Storefronts and Delivery.

How do I become a vendor?

You simply sign up and email us today [email protected]

How do I get my business listed on this site?

Easy, sign up for Shroom Surfer’s mailing list and a representative will reach out to you. Keep in mind that a thorough review of that validity of your products will be required. We only put our stamp on the best brands and vendors.